Wooden Baby Milestone Disc Set
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Wooden Baby Milestone Disc Set

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Capture your newborn baby’s milestones and achievements with this gorgeous Wooden Baby Milestone Disc set!

Take beautiful photos of your baby’s first special moments to share with your family & friends. 

A perfect gift for a baby shower or any newborn! 

The Wooden Baby Milestone Disc set includes 12 wooden discs that contain 24 different milestones and special moments you won’t want to miss.

Each disc features 
a variety of different pretty leaves and flowers, whilst including a popular selection of fonts, which are easily readable.

Milestone Discs are so easy to use, simply add one to your baby's first weeks, first achievements or first events and snap a picture to capture that unforgettable milestone you can share with your family and friends.

Set includes the following discs:

  • Hello World
  • 1 Week Old
  • 1 Month Old
  • 2 Months Old
  • 3 Months Old
  • 4 Months Old
  • 5 Months Old
  • 6 Months Old
  • 7 Months Old
  • 8 Months Old
  • 9 Months Old
  • 10 Months Old
  • 11 Months Old
  • 1 Year Old
  • My First Smile
  • Today I Rolled Over
  • Today I Sat Up for The First Time
  • Today I Crawled for The First Time
  • My First Tooth
  • Today I Said My First Word
  • Today I Ate Solid Food for The First Time
  • Today I Stood Up for The First Time
  • I Took My First Steps Today
  • My First Christmas

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